Type 300SL

The Ideal of Sporting Motorists all over the World

The 300SL model represents the latest technical progress in modern car manufacture. It is a standard sports car which incorporates extensive racing experiences and which combines high speeds with a degree of safety which has made car driving a new and unique experience. The wide gull-wing doors which open upwards are characteristic of this car. Two comfortable bucket seats like those in a racing car, match the elegant yet sporty lines of this model and ensure the safety of the driver and passenger even on sharp bends. Special equipment and a free choice of colour schemes make the 300 SL a car that always bears the personal touch of its owner.

The product of long racing experience, the 300 SL continues to gain outstanding successes in countless international racing contests. In 1955, the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL won the International Sports Car championship, the Mille Miglia of Italy and the American Sports Car championship (with Paul O'Shea as American sports car champion) among many other races. These victories provide indubitable proof of the superior performance of this attractive standard sports car. Above all the 205 h.p. 4-stroke fuel injection engine lends this car its sporting qualities. It is because of its robustness, its reliable construction and comfort that this aerodynamically and aesthetically perfect standard sports car has in fact become the real all-purpose car, the modern town and touring car for the "speed addicts."

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