Type 220S

for the motoring expert with individual tastes

This model can also be delivered as a coup´┐Ż with the same interior appointments.

...the 220S Convertible was introduced. This sporty touring car with its streamlined, elegant body and powerful 112 h.p. engine permits completely carefree travel for all lovers of open cars.  The tasteful interior offers every imaginable comfort to the fastidious motorist. The folding top can be easily and effortlessly closed, and the Convertible then has all the advantages of a limousine in cold or rainy weather. You will have particularly clear all-round vision: through the panorama windscreen which is made of safety glass, through both side windows, and through the wide rear window. In the standard design, there are two cozy, upholstered bucket seats or a bench-type seat at the front and an emergency bench which can be folded down at the rear. Upon special request, it is possible to install a comfortable bench at the rear, so that there is plenty of room for four or five persons. Performance, outline, and appointments all combine to make the 220S a striking car which arouses admiration at first glance.

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