Type 300

The Touring Car for the Upper Class

The elegance, the sturdy construction and the ideal performance of this large and powerful touring car have claimed the admiration and recognition throughout the world. The 300 is so well-designed that you don't notice the effects of traveling at high speed. Today, driving the 300 is made even easier and safer by means of the standard built-in automatic transmission. For an extra charge the car can optionally be supplied with a 4-inch longer body and a correspondingly larger wheelbase. This design provides 5 1/2 ins. more leg room at the rear and is especially suitable for the installation of a partition with a pane which can be lowered between the driver's seat and the rear compartment.

The superlative comfort, quality and lasting value of the Mercedes-Benz type 300 Automatic have earned it international acclaim. Its superiority is amply confirmed by its elegant appearance which will not date in spite of changing fashions. To sum up, the Mercedes-Benz 300 Automatic can be described as a car whose performance, quality and solid workmanship will satisfy all those who demand the utmost luxury.

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