Type 300S

A Miracle of Automobile Construction


At the wheel of this car the world becomes more beautiful and -smaller. Whether you choose the Roadster, Convertible or Coup´┐Ż model of the 300S, its power, comfort and speed will afford you a unique experience when driving. The person who would

rather have the sky than a protecting top over his head in fine weather, will naturally prefer the Convertible. The person who looks for the sporty note will find the 300S Roadster the ideal car. In this model, the top, when fully folded down, is elegantly disguised. In unexpected rain the all-weather top can be raised again and firmly secured without any trouble. Weather conditions and outside temperatures no longer prevent any problems for the traveler, for it goes without saying that the 300S is equipped with an efficient heating and ventilation system which can be regulated at will from either of the front seats.


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