Type 190SL

The Car to Fall in Love With


You will fall for this car straight away. It has everything for your comfort even on a long journey, and your luggage can go in the large boot without causing you any inconvenience. You will al-

ways find plenty of space and ease in the 190 SL, whether you choose the Coup´┐Ż or Roadster. The well-upholstered seats make for a smooth journey, and if you so desire, a third seat can be built in at the back at right angles to the others. The heating and ventilation on either side of the instrument panel can be operated separately to ensure the right temperature. Other devices such as the ATE booster brake, defroster and heater blower, over-taking signal light and loud horn, give the 190SL the advantages of a comfortable touring car. All the dials and buttons on the instrument panel are so easy to survey and operate that you immediately feel at home with them.

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