Type 190

...The Swift and Versatile Touring Car
In the same way, the extraordinary performance and comfort of the 190 will arouse your admiration whether on long journeys or in the thick of the traffic. It has the cubic capacity of a medium-class car and with its 84 h.p. it is capable of a top speed of about 87 m.p.h. With its technically faultless equipment it can equal the performance of a large touring car. Its amazing roadholding and cornering ability and the favourable ratio of track to wheelbase make Type 190 safe and easily manoeuverable both at high speeds and in dense traffic. The extremely smooth, self-adjusting steering with shock absorber, as well as the safety gripping air-cooled turbo-brakes, serve the same purpose. It is these features together with its outstanding performance and economy which make the 190 the most popular car in the modern medium-class 

range. The outward appearance of the 190, like all Mercedes bodies, is distinguished by its classical yet modern design, and the interior is just as attractive and tasteful. The instrument panel is neatly arranged and contains within easy reach everything required for a swift and safe journey, and provides the finishing touches to the interior appearance.

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