Type 300S

Symbol of Comfort and Speed


Even when stationary the 300S Coup� looks powerful and elegant, and ready to leap into action. At the same time, this beautifully styled car which combines sporting qualities with elegance requires no effort to drive or to handle. The well-planned coordination of the many component parts results in extraordinarily quiet running, even at high speed, and complete safety for you and the other road users.
The driving comfort and spaciousness of the 300S can only be rivaled by its appearance and performance. From the basic design down to the minutest detail of the equipment, this car represents the top class, which makes it a favourite in international contests.

The breathtaking speed and superior acceleration of the modern 200 h.p. six-cylinder short-stroke fuel injection engine, it combines economical fuel consumption with smooth and quiet running. Its unusually high output places more potential power at your fingertips than you will ever find necessary in town or tourist traffic.

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