Type 190SL

The Racy Medium-class Sports Tourer


The light-metal top is securely fastened to the body by five locks but can be removed simply by loosening the tommies and bolts. Thus, with but a few manipulations, the completely closed Coupé becomes an elegant Roadster.

With its striking radiator front and the elegant dash of its streamlined body, this car simply throbs with life. A 4-cylinder, 120h.p. short-stroke engine reveals its sparkling temperament right from the start. Because of its outstanding acceleration, its top speed of about 107-112 m.p.h. and its great manoeuverability, this attractive car is always at the front in the thickest traffic. And even when traveling at full speed the 190SL holds the road safely and accurately-thanks to its construction which has been developed from racing experience. Thus your safety is guaranteed and you can sit back and enjoy every minute of your journey in this much-admired sports tourer.

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