Type 220S

Elegance for the Connoisseur

The 220S... for all who see it this is a car of fascinating elegance, for all who drive it, a car of amazing technical qualities. The very first time you drive it, this speedy and spacious touring car gives you a feeling of relaxation and security. The swift acceleration of its 112 h.p. engine, its easy steering and the absolutely reliable servo-assisted turbo-brakes give you such confidence in your 220S that you can enjoy at your ease the charm of its spaciousness and comfort. And there really is something to enjoy here!...the moment you get in you feel at home, so carefully planned is the interior of the 220S, so luxurious and comfortable are the upholstered seats, which accommodate 5 or 6 people. These, together with the well-balanced springing, ensure your undisturbed enjoyment, whatever the speed of the car.

The elegance and ease of driving of a 220S are reflected in the instrument panel, beautifully encased in wood and designed with an eye to satisfying both aesthetic and practical requirements. The numerous instruments and controls are so clearly and conveniently arranged that they are always easy to operate.

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