Window Channel and Brush Molding
for Mercedes-Benz Pontons

Douglas P. Broome / / November 24, 2009


I decided to replace the window run and the window brush molding on my 1959 Mercedes-Benz Type W180 220S Ponton cabriolet. I did not require much length of either, but the price for these items new from Mercedes-Benz was, to say the least, off-putting, so I searched for workable substitutes.


Window Run 1

The window run curves around the windows on sedans and coupés. It is the fuzzy U-shaped material into which the window fits when closed. See Photo 1.

Photo 1.

Reference number 85 on the photo. For reasons that I could not determine, there are two valid Mercedes-Benz part numbers for this: 000-985-18-30 and 000-985-29-30. No one could tell me the difference. They appear identical upon examination. Mercedes sells both numbers in two-meter lengths, and it is quite expensive. Apparently 000-985-18-30 is stocked only in Germany. Most Americans, therefore, buy 000-985-29-30.

Parts lists, including but not limited to the EPC 2, for sedans in the Type 180 (W120) and 190 (W121) series show at least two different part numbers for window run; for example, 000-985-07-30 and 000-985-10-30. Today, though, they both are both officially replaced by 000-985-18-30 (above). Curious that, as noted above, most Americans nevertheless buy the 000-985-29-30.

The same item fits the straight side of the cabriolet and coupé vent window. See Photo 2.

Photo 2.

The window run is number 79 in Photo 2. The same two part numbers as above apply.

Brush Molding

The brush molding fits along the door on both sides of the window. It is somewhat visible when the window is rolled down. Mercedes calls it a "sealing rail." It is number 96 in Photo 3 below. The Mercedes part number is: 115-725-09-65. Mercedes sells this in two-meter lengths, and it is very expensive.

Photo 3.

The brush molding/sealing rail on the Mercedes-Benz Type W105 219, W180 220S, and W128 220SE Ponton sedans has these original Mercedes-Benz part numbers: 180-735-01-65, 120-735-00-65, and 180-735-02-65. See 75 and 76 in Photo 4 below.

Photo 4.

The situation differs for the Type 180 and 190 sedans. For one thing the 190 sedan always came with the vent (deflector) window as standard fitment. Until April 1958, however, the Type 180 sedans came with a one-piece window in the front doors. Vent (deflector) windows were options. This led to different brush moldings part numbers at the time and results in complications today. These complications include trimming the pieces that Mercedes supplies pursuant to the current versions of the original numbers. They were, however, at base the same product.

The solution to these complications lies in the recommendation to use, for the 180 and 190 sedans, the 115-725-09-65 brush molding part number discussed above for the cabrios and coupés. For the same cost reasons as with the coupés and cabrios, therefore, one may wish to look for workable alternatives.


Mercedes-Benz prices for window run and brush molding brought to mind the hoary ditty, “If you have to ask the cost, you don’t want to know.” After determining the new prices, I looked around for alternatives. After all, I reasoned, many old car people must have had to replace them simply because they had worn out, as mine had done. Besides, they are largely obscured on our Pontons, especially on my 220S cabriolet.

I found a reputable vendor that supplies good substitutes at reasonable prices.

Restoration Specialties Supply, Inc.
148 Minnow Creek Lane
P.O. Box 328
Windber, PA 15963

Their catalog is available on their website.

Window Run

Photos 5 and below shows two lengths of window run viewed from the channel side.

Photo 5. At left is a length from Restoration Specialties. The section at right is from my car. 

Photo 6.

The section at left in Photo 6 is from the old window run removed from my car viewed from the bottom. The section at right is from the new length obtained from Restoration Specialties. See the catalog page 8 number 8-A-2.

The above new window run fit perfectly into the place on my Ponton from which I removed old window run. In addition, sedan owners will be pleased to know that it bends perfectly to conform to door windows on sedans.

Brush Molding

Photo 7. Three sections of brush molding

The bottom piece (Photo 7) came from my car. The middle piece is what Mercedes-Benz supplies new as part number 115-725-09-65, discussed above. The top piece is the nearest substitute available at Restoration Specialties. See catalog page 16 number M8. It is a quite satisfactory but not perfect substitute for what Mercedes-Benz supplies new today. Because the brush molding is almost invisible, one is very hard-pressed to justify paying the substantial Mercedes price premium.


Because I made the replacements on my 220S cabriolet, I have some confidence in my observations and conclusions with respect to cabrios and coupés. My conclusions with respect to the Ponton sedans result from investigation, not personal experience. I therefore solicit contributions - additions, corrections - from sedan owners particularly regarding their experiences pertaining to brush molding. I shall amend this article accordingly.


I do not know of other suppliers. Once I came across Restoration Specialties, I looked no further. There may be others.


The usual disclaimers apply. Use the foregoing information at your own risk. I have no economic or other interest in Restoration Specialties.


1 This is variously called "window run", "window channel", "window channel run", and "bailey channel" depending on who is speaking.

2 EPC:  Electronic Parts Catalogue. This is Mercedes-Benz online parts catalogue. See the website:

Created: November 25, 2009 / Jeff Miller

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