Inexpensive way to Replace a Broken
Mercedes-Benz Ponton Blinker Relay

Jack Davis / Mercedes-Benz Type 219 sedan / Nevada / June 30, 2006

Editor's Note: This page was originally based on IPOG message number 49226 "219 turn signal flasher." When updating the page in January 2015, it was determined that Jack Davis was an IPOG member from May 2006 to September 2007. His email address was bouncing as of January 2015, so it was removed from this page.


OK, I'll admit it – I'm cheap, and retired.

Your friendly auto parts store will sell you a three-prong, 12 volt replacement blinker relay (flasher unit) for your Mercedes-Benz Ponton for seven bucks instead of the 170 smackeroos the dealer wants. All brands will work exactly the same, and are labeled the same. It does not matter at all where you buy the replacement part.

Notes / Addendum

International Ponton Owners Group (IPOG) discussions led to the following clarification.

Original blinker relays had four terminals (reference Job 54-16), and the fourth wire was ground (brown wire). The original style, four terminal relays are NLA. The replacement three terminal relay canister is grounded through the mounting clip (see photo), so the fourth wire is not necessarily needed if transitioning from an original, four terminal relay to the three terminal unit.
January 5, 2015

For Reference

  • Bosch relay (four terminals) are labeled: "49 (15)", "C (K)", "49a (54)", "31"
  • Bosch relay (four terminals) part number: NLA
  • Bosch relay (three terminals) are labeled: "49 (15)", "C (K)", and "49a (54)"
  • Bosch relay (three terminals) part number: 0 336 203 005
  • Bosch relay (three terminals) M-B part number: A 000 544 55 32 (MSRP $177* – 1/2015)
  • Bosch relay (three terminals) Miller's Mercedes part number: 54-0014 (MSRP $170* – 1/2015)

* Price and availability subject to change over time.

The terminals on the old, expensive flasher unit are replaced thus...

Photo added: January 5, 2015

 Figure 1. OEM, three terminal replacement Bosch blinker relay and mounting clip.
Bosch part number 0 336 203 005 (12v / 18W)

I realize the little Ponton can no longer be a show car after this conversion, but the turn signals now flash normally, and I can almost hear the flasher unit clicking from the engine bay.

Best regards,

Jack Davis
Type 219 sedan
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